Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool Rental

This is this same kind of pool that I birthed both my daughters in, and it’s the bee’s knees of birth pools. It is the highest quality inflatable pool currently available and is made from strong, durable eco-vinyl. When sitting in it water comes up above my shoulders (I’m 5’-7” tall). The white, non-slip, padded floor ensures optimum safety and visibility. This pool is extremely comfortable to labour and push in. The wall is wide enough and sturdy enough that you can straddle it like a birth ball, or be inside on your knees and have your arms out over the top holding on to the handles. I highly recommend it. It has been discontinued from sale in Canada but I luckily got one of the last ones.

This birth pool rental includes everything that you need to have a comfortable water birth at home:

  • Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool Professional with heat retaining lid
  • Air pump (to inflate the pool)
  • Submersible water pump (to evacuate the water from the pool)
  • Disposable pool liner
  • One tap adaptor
  • A 25’ drinking water hose (to fill pool)
  • Another water hose (to empty pool)
  • Tarp (to protect the floor beneath)
  • One floating thermometer
  • One debris net (LOL, don’t ask why you might need this…)

**The pool, lid, and liners are all pthalate free

Professional Pool Specifications:
Material Thickness 0.60mm
External Dimensions 72″ × 64″ × 31″
Internal Dimensions 52″ × 44″
Interior Depth 27"
Inflated Floor Thickness 3.3"
Floor White, anti-slip
Handles 6
Number of Persons Two
Approx. Inflation Time 6 min
Approx. Filling Time 45 min
Volume when filled 170 gallon

Rentals Fees
Birth Pool Rental is for 5 weeks. I recommend booking it to start on your 37th week. Rental is $200 and includes a non-refundable $100 deposit. To book your rental please contact me or call me 604-440-4201 to check availability. I will get back to you shortly to confirm your booking and with information for payment. Pick-up and drop-off is at Blue Moon Birth in Olympic Village. $50 cleaning fee will be applied to any pool that is returned dirty, damp or not properly stowed. Lost parts will be billed as applicable.